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If your expectations are clear and consistent now, your child will grow up more secure, well-behaved and happy.

Your life now: gentle bedtime routines Bedtime will go more smoothly if you establish a routine your child can rely on.

Your child may still need a rest around the time his morning nap used to be.

Serve a snack and plan a quiet activity, such as listening to soothing music, looking atbooks or resting on a blanket on the sofa (rather than in bed, which has a strong sleep association).

He can now grab them and create glorious scribble pictures just for you.

He can play simple games, and will while away long moments playing peekaboo or naming body parts – where's your nose? His memory of events is also developing, so you may find that he will remember things that you have forgotten all about when you revisit a place.

If, for example, the programme was about numbers, look at a number book together.

How your toddler's growing Sometime between 15 and 18 months, your toddler is likely to drop his morning nap. At first, that one nap may stretch longer than it used to.If you do let your child watch, choose programmes that are specifically targeted at young children and have a gentle pace.Try to watch with your child if possible and extend the programme or DVD's content with activities, books or games once it's finished.Ideally, you'll find a routine that works for your child (and for you) – and stick to it. Your goal is to gently wind your child down, not rev her up.Parent tip: dummies and teething "My daughter only used her dummy for sleep.

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