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I have only seen him nude once since he was 8 or 9. Don't we all have enough experience to know that most guys are average? Yes, black men are reported to be larger than others--but that's a race, not an ethnicity.I accidentally walked in on him when he was getting out of the shower. And then there are the ones whose names I don't remember. And even among blacks, there are plenty of guys with small and average sized cocks. 7 inches with a very hairy crotch, Most of the Jewish guys I've hooked up with were average, but also quite hairy.There is no particular tendency for Jewish guys to be hung in any particular part of the spectrum due to the diversity of the gene pool.I know quite a few that are above average in size, though, and they are of Eastern European Jewish descent.Jews run the spetcrum - some look like Italians (big dicks, hairy), Polish Jews (very big dicks, not as hairy) and random Jews (varies). are there any gay Hasidim (the hasidic Jews, often seen in NYC with the curls etc). Jew cocks are tiny.they have been persecuted and just want to schrivell and hide. Paul was bigger than most, but a shower, not a grower. Andy didn't let anyone touch anything but his feet. That said, in my experience, only A) Black and B) Italian guys tend to be uniformly well-endowed.As a bi woman who's been with a few Jewish guys (and they were random picks meaning I didn't hear anything about their specific dicks beforehand and was with them for other reasons), ALL of them were ABOVE average! R25, Jews who follow Hassidism, like the Orthodox, hold more traditional beliefs.

I'm sure there are Jewish men with tiny dicks or below average but they do seem to have bigger than average schlongs. Gays and lesbians would either be expected to conform or leave the community.

However, my current BF is hung like a Jewish horse. Very short dicks, all cut, have had thick and thin and a total micropenis that only might have looked right on a 3 year old. And then there's the whole racism issue they all have. My 22 yo American male nephew was JUST circumcised in August. When he was born he was too sick to have a bris the first few months, so his folks put it off.

Eventually they decided to let him decide what he wanted when he got older.

I'm Chinese so it was basically like being in candy land for him.

Just stumbled across this gem of a thread, and I'm amazed at the ignorance and willingness of those posting to generalize entire populations.

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