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It was harder for my daughters to accept this practice but they are on the same page with... After awhile my mom came knocking at my door then walked in.She got an entire eyeful of me and just stood there and watched while I tried covering up. Shes three years older than me and we used to sleep naked in the same room, and when we got older we started hanging out naked in each other's rooms once our parents went to bed. we all have to share a bathroom so a few times they have gotten an eyeful! I instantly got the idea to join her, and went out back to ask her if she mind if I joined. and I went and Visted my aunt and cousin one afternoon to go swimming at there pool.

I swam to the she surface while doing my best to cover my junk.

There was many times when I would lay out in the living and watch TV naked she would be perfectly ok with it.

and didn't bother telling the family because they were asleep or watching tv.

Once we got hidden from the trail my sister tossed her shirt off leaving her DD breasts out in the wild and then to join her.

We both ******** down and explored off the trail naked. After awhile my mom came knocking at my door then walked in.

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