Living off the grid dating

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Mustache’s calls for a rejection of conformity: “In our natural state,” he writes, “we are supposed to be a diverse and individualistic species.” It is natural, he argues, for individual schedules to vary — why should we all expect to eat, sleep, work, and play in lockstep, like members of a militaristic cult?

Standardized schedules create waste and clog infrastructure.

The 40-hour work week was supposed to restore a sense of fitness to our newly artificial relationship with time’s external markers.

Holidays are to be taken only when everyone else is at work.

“Most people spend most of their time doing what everyone else does, without giving it much thought,” Mr. “And thus, it is usually The Mustaches are not the only online evangelists for the off-peak lifestyle.

This creates, for the savvy dealer in unpopular time, a corresponding set of opportunities: The misfortune of the many becomes the fortune of the few.

This is why off-peak philosophy can seem to swerve into an entrepreneurial misanthropy — a minority can bask in the oodles of free time that other people are swindling themselves out of.

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