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No one should equate enjoying sex with attracting sexual assault.

I covered the first Slut Walk in 2011, but I was hoping, what with the whole Sandra Fluke/Rush Limbaugh controversy, the Todd Akin brouhaha, and many delegates at the Democratic convention wearing "Sluts Vote" pins,"that this year's Slut Walk would be bigger, bolder and better than ever. To my (and surely the organizers') great disappointment, Slut Walk San Francisco 2012 was smaller, calmer and less exciting than the previous year's event.A university spokesperson also said the school was "surprised and shocked" by the comment, although it does have a good and collaborative relationship with police.To be sure, such a comment from law enforcement is highly offensive in suggesting that some victims of rape are responsible for the criminal acts of their attackers.This time around it'll be more pictures and fewer words -- just as you like it!If I had to select one sign at the rally to sum up the entire day's philosophy, this would be it: "Hey! " And the other half of the basic Slut Walk message is contained in this sign: "The amount of clothes I wear does not change how much respect I deserve." (And no, that's not her actual pubic hair.

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