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And what those events also have in common is that each essentially represents “black night” at the venues where they’re held.

For that particular evening, night or the occasional day party, the African-American promoter has rented the facility and nearly all of the patrons who come out are black.

Could Dame’s Chicken and Waffles or Mertz’s do that one day? Second, we have to realize that thanks to the Great Migration, there’s still a not lot of black professional growth happening back down South, outside of Atlanta.

It’s a combination of the result of lack of ownership of these venues by African-Americans, and the segregation that’s common in Charlotte regardless of who owns the place.

When I googled Black Social Scene in North Carolina, before I could type the state name, Google’s autofill directed me to the black social scene in Washington, DC.

Once I typed in North Carolina, I found this 2009 article from …one of the most flourishing stylish and chic Black social scenes.

I’m going to attempt my own, recognizing that one, we are not all monolithic and two, I tend to enjoy a lot of things that aren’t necessarily tagged as black cultural activities, as well as plenty of things that are.

First, I believe that we as urban downtowns do a disservice when we don’t have restaurants, bars, and bookstores that regularly have a mix of different genres of music, as well as places where people can go and see each other’s faces and hear each other talking.

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