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We have done a few reviews of mail order bride services.All those reviews came to the same conclusion that these sites were basically no more than a system of tricking you into purchasing credits in order to email back what could be interested women but they could also be just paid employees that are used to trick you into purchasing even more credits.Traffic to Bigger Fatter Blog is up WAY UP because of this warning but this is not the point.We welcome out new readers but they are not our audience.Just because you see a photo of a beautiful Latina girl, is that who you are chatting with?Some of the online reviews that we have read have said that the photographs are actually have paid models.Basically the more you interact with people on the site the more money the website makes.Unlike other dating sites that charge you a flat rate of roughly per month where you can send and receive as many emails as you like.

Dating sites can easily hire online reputation management companies that are paid in order to enhance your online reputation, this includes creating positive online reviews and positive You Tube videos etc.

We warn fatlings about the dangers of weight loss surgery.

We have an international following with a large percentage of readers coming from the Middle East.

Our audience are fatlings who need a voice for their gluttony and obese lifestyle.

While we have nothing against BBW porn and the people who like BBW porn they are not our target audience but they are more than welcome.

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