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in which she plays the troubled wife of Lancaster Dodd, a man loosely based on Scientology founder L. The captivating film earned her a fourth Academy Award nomination for best supporting actress and solidifies her impressive versatility on-screen.

He seems like he might be intimidating to work with. The more intimidating the person seems, the more I just want to crawl up in their lap and figure them out. There was no Oscar-acceptance speech; I didn’t know what the Oscars were.

According to other sources, excessive masturbation can shrink a male's penis.

In short (unfortunate pun) it claims the shrinkage occurs for two reasons: firstly due to atrophy, caused by the physical exertion and energy deficits.

Not women, ’cause with intimidating women, I’m like, “They’re just going to figure me out.” I’m terrified.

I mean, I love them—you know that I’m a girl’s girl.

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