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The 82-30's operation and mechanics, having been significantly developed from AMF's pioneering 82-10 experimental model, which depended much on the use of suction to hold the pins in a double-sided spotting table for both spotting remaining pins and setup of new racks of pins, are quite different from the Model A, A-2 and Jet Back units from Brunswick (which the AMF 82-10 pre-dated by almost a decade), with differing sweep and table designs, and especially in how the pins are handled for storage, after they got to the top of the machinery.After the bowler rolls their ball, and knocking down the pins, the ball strikes the pit cushion block.

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After the table lifts the remaining pins, the machine runs the sweep, clearing dead pins from the pin deck, then returns to the guard position.

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This activates the machine, which lowers the sweep to the guard position.

Then the table descends and the respot cells close around each neck of the standing pins.

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