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go to top of page The Fear of/Resistance to Change Syndrome: The less the users have to change the way they work, the more likely they will adopt any new system that is based around what they are already used to.So if your users are already sending mail, managing their own contacts in their own Personal Contacts folder, and scheduling appointments with the Outlook Calendar, they don’t want to change this.They continue to use the same elements of Outlook in the same way they’ve always done.Microsoft has made enormous investments in studying the usability of Outlook and soliciting user feedback.So why reinvent the wheel when the users already know (and usually love) this interface.The “WIIFM” (What's In It For Me) Concept: Here Outlook definitely comes to the rescue.This article looks at how you can use Microsoft Outlook as your Contact Management and CRM system without the installation of any additional client software or Outlook Add-Ins, and still interface Outlook with your back-end CRM or ERP system. It represents a new, yet incredibly simple approach to CRM that is guaranteed to work where other systems might fail (or may already have failed).

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In a Bain & Company survey of 451 senior executives, CRM ranked in the bottom three categories among 25 popular tools evaluated for customer satisfaction.

Common reasons for this lack of use include: The main problem with sales CRM systems is that they are usually too cumbersome and/or too complicated for many salespeople to use.

When confronted with a system that has a multitude of screens, fields and processes, many salespeople just roll their eyes and go back to the Excel spreadsheets that have served them well for years.

CRM has received a lot of negative publicity over the years because of the failure rate of CRM implementation projects.

A recent Butler Group report found that 70 percent of CRM implementations fail.

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