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Also represented are cattle and bison, each representing 4 to 5% of the images.

A smattering of other images include seven felines, a bird, a bear, a rhinoceros, and a human.

The most famous section of the cave is The Hall of the Bulls where bulls, equines, and stags are depicted.

The four black bulls, or aurochs, are the dominant figures among the 36 animals represented here.

One of the bulls is 5.2 metres (17 ft) long, the largest animal discovered so far in cave art. A painting referred to as "The Crossed Bison", found in the chamber called the Nave, is often submitted as an example of the skill of the Paleolithic cave painters.

Ravidat (died in 1995) returned to the scene with three friends, Jacques Marsal, Georges Agnel, and Simon Coencas, and entered the cave via a long shaft.Upstream from this steep-sloped relief, near Montignac and in the vicinity of Lascaux, the contours of the land soften considerably; the valley floor widens, and the banks of the river lose their steepness.The Lascaux valley is located some distance from the major concentrations of decorated caves and inhabited sites, most of which were discovered further downstream.There are no images of reindeer, even though that was the principal source of food for the artists.Geometric images have also been found on the walls.

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