Radiometric dating practice questions

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Despite our insistence that students exhibit critical thinking skills with probing questions and keen observations, these skills are built on a foundation of factual knowledge.

In this case, Emma first needs to know what an element is, then what a radioactive element is.

My high school physics teacher knew a lot about physics (he had a Ph.

D.) but not as much about the minds and hearts of sixteen-year-old boys and girls. Expert scientists, like Myers, with little experience teaching know-it-all nine-year-old girls, are doomed to be pointed away from their students, marveling at the wonders of science without realizing the cognitive and social constraints of their flock.

Despite the complexity of these challenges, many point to improving science education as a way to address them. Or, do we shift to the skills one learns in science fair projects and the like, such as observation, critical thinking, communication?

The second tension is about the people who do the teaching of science.

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” and “how do you know our measurement is accurate?I don’t mean to pick on Myers, of whom I am generally a fan, or trash his letter, which is excellent.He realizes that he has to explain what “decay” means and his tone is caring, polite, and full of wonder.Upon hearing that this moon rock was 3.75 billion years old, Emma B. ” Myers, who has long battled with young earth creationists (the story was shared by a triumphant Ken Ham), pleads with the girl to instead ask a scientifically keener question, one that she doesn’t know the answer to: “How do you know that?” Myers then proceeds to answer his own recommended question.

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