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You can imagine we cover things like statistics, we cover things like machine learning, and all of this is available to people so they know the general topics before they would ever come onsite.I think it’s helpful to just see that there’s not really a trick to it. Imagine a situation where people are accustomed to reaching for their smart devices at every opportunity, primarily to learn a new skill or acquire knowledge. Today's guest is Senior Data Scientist at Linked In Learning, Eric Weber Subscribe on i Tunes, Stitcher Radio or Tune In In the digital age, people have grown accustomed to accessing entertainment and social media wherever and whenever.

So, if you want to be a rock star data scientist, this podcast is for you, we’re going to be giving away lots and lots of tips and hacks from our personal experience. I’m in San Diego right now and it feels like summer here and at the same time you’re like, what, a three-hour flight away, it’s already minus 12 there, it’s crazy. To get off the plane and feel that temperature, it’s a good reminder of what home feels like. It’s a good opportunity to take a break from work and have a chance to see everybody that I don’t get to see regularly. Cool, let’s talk about how you got to the Bay area a little bit. That involved a lot of teaching programming courses, statistical experiments and design courses and in conjunction with that, I was doing a part-time Master’s program in Business Analytics at the Carlson School of Management.

We also talk about soft skills in data science, skills that are often under-rated in this space, and yet are essential especially in the leadership of data science teams.

Listen in to find out why rock star data scientists are those who master soft skills!

Eric: I did actually apply for the job and so I should step back and reflect on exactly how not easy it was.

I still have easily over 100 rejection letters that I just kept in an email inbox, during my job search.

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