Rules on dating a musician

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A band is simultaneously a friendship, a collaborative partnership and a business.Although it might be less personal and intimate than a romantic relationship, it is quite possibly more complicated.When things that matter are bothering you, it's important to voice your concerns as soon as possible.Certain things will blow over, but if you have any nagging thoughts that continue to bring you down, that means it's time to talk about it – no matter how small of an issue it seems.Every member should be included in band discussions and practices, and everyone should feel welcome to weigh in with suggestions when appropriate. The band members depend on each other to make “it” happen, so be respectful of each other’s time.Don’t be the one to hold everyone up when people are already making sacrifices to make time for the band between their jobs, families and possibly other musical projects.if you're too flaky, you might just lose your seat in the group. If a show is booked and you've committed to it, don’t miss it unless it's a true emergency.It reflects badly on the whole band if they have to cancel or cannot produce what's expected.

Depending on your forte and interests outside of music, find a way to contribute to the management of the band.Also, give a heads up if you're going out of town so that your bandmates know when to book practices and shows, or have ample time to get a sub for you if needed.Hanging out together is inevitable if you practice a lot or go on tour together.This will increase your fan loyalty and it will also enhance the music.Part of being a good bandmate involves putting effort into not only the music, but also the promotion of it.

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