Sam goes dating

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I want to squeeze his cheeks' after the cheeky Scouser impressed judges, before Simon warned her 'I don't think his girlfriend would like that'It wasn't the only moment Nicole flirted up a storm in the episode.Cheeky boyband group Rak-Su also caught the Pussycat Doll's eye, causing her to brand them 'GORGINA'.He admits that he had no idea the pair were being photographed when the paparazzi caught them kissing and holding hands in New York City.But, for anyone who wasn't totally convinced these two were dating before, now it's officially official.Sam Black, 27, who is a plasterer from Liverpool, sang sixties doo-wop song Rounaround Sue, but also garnered attention from both Nicole and Twitter fans for his stunningly good looks. I want to squeeze his cheeks' after the cheeky Scouser impressed judges, before Simon warned her: 'I don't think his girlfriend would like that.' Apple of her eye: Nicole Scherzinger, 39, took a shining to X Factor contestants as the launch kicked off on Saturday night, and even declared that her 'boyfriend is younger' than one of the hunks who caught her eye Nicole hit back with 'I don't care, I'll squeeze the baby's cheeks', referring to Sam's baby he introduced to the show along with his girlfriend, who he met travelling, and adorably declared out of her earshot that he was going to marry her.Referring to her toyboy, 26-year-old tennis ace Grigor Dimitrov, Nicole exclaimed 'My boyfriend is younger than him!' Nicole wasn't the only judge to have taken a liking to the cheeky plasterer, as Twitter fans declared him to be 'fit', 'beautiful', and that they were 'in love' with him.Warned off: Nicole declared 'I just thought he was a star.

Sam commented an "x," which is the universal sign for a kiss. That's not the only time they've been caught exchanging sweet messages on social media before we all found out they're an item.

"Just saw the 'vote no' message in the sky, looming over Sydney.

Thank you for raising money and hiring on a plane to write your lack of support amongst the clouds.

Despite the fact that some fans were totally convinced they were more than friends, Brandon shut down the rumors once and for all. People want to talk about what they want to talk about. That way people can see me do more stuff and believe me doing more stuff because that's all I want to do – is tell stories for everyone," Brandon said in an interview.

Brandon has also been super vocal about standing up for LGBTQ rights, and the 25-year-old powerhouse singer commented on one of his powerful posts.

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