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Closing her eyes she heard the squeal of juddering tires and smelled the smoke of hot rubber.Then, as she felt the heat from the truck’s radiator she heard the truck’s engine ease to a slow idle.“JESUS CHRIST YOUNG LADY,” he said in a high state of agitation, “WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” Her only chance would be to convince this stranger to take her far enough away from Eldorado to give her a chance of escaping this life forever.She had sneaked out of the second story room where they were keeping her by tying her sheet to the bed, tossing it out the window and sliding down before dropping the last five feet to the ground.She had no idea of time but knew that everybody in the house was sleeping. She knew she had to find a way to put more distance between the cult and herself before they woke up if she had any chance of being successful in her escape. Edging up the small embankment she peeked down the straight road.Thankful that he had picked her up Corrie was still amazed that his semi-truck tractor, a Freightliner Cascadia, could be so spacious and luxurious.

After he got over the fright of almost hitting the girl he was moved by the intensity of her pleas.He thought of his daughter who had been killed in an auto accident and was both repulsed and moved by this girl’s claims of being raped.He knew about the Seeders and heard of them raping young women.SHIT, he thought, knowing that any kind of involvement in this weird community could get him into trouble with these unexplainable people.“Get into the cab Missy,” he said, consternation written all over his face, “Climb into the upper bunk behind the seats and pull the curtain tight.

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