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He has all the riches he could ever dream for in this life.But to avoid any risk of missing out in the afterlife, wealthy entrepreneur 'Count Scarpa' is burying his greatest treasure - his new £310,000 Bentley convertible.In the TV interview he explains to viewers that he was travelling back from his farm after celebrating his birthday on Sunday and started thinking about how the pharaohs were buried with the most precious items in their life.Another asks if he wants to adopt a family from Brasilia.He now runs an investment company and has been married twice.His first wife died and he is divorced from the second.

Meeting local fuck buddies in Millmerran Woods has never been so easy.

It looks like he’s spent quite a few hours digging the grave.

In front of him is very deep hole with a huge pile of dirt beside it.

He says he’s currently single and doesn’t want a family.

A lot of the comments are however, very critical and accuse him of wasting money.

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