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Interested in issues that continue to be of relevance today and with a commitment to accurately portraying its time period, the series was often successful, and it did so without apologizing when things got a little sappy. There are a couple of short featurettes, four commentaries featuring cast members, an episode of A&E’s Biography on Jane Seymour, and some on-screen cast biographies and trivia.In addition, the complete set also includes the two television movies made after the series ended.He also appeared in CBS's Guiding Light, in segments taped during a hiatus from Dr.Quinn in 1994, and as a guest star on The Nanny, also on the CBS Network, and The John Larroquette Show.Running for six seasons and spawning two made-for-television movies, Dr.Quinn, Medicine Woman was a phenomenon of family values in the 1990s.The episode on the real-life massacre at Washita was especially effective in offering an unflinchingly honest portrayal of what was endured by Native Americans at this time.The show reportedly went to great lengths to create as realistic a time period as possible, consulting the Smithsonian, and having a medical doctor on staff to adhere to real medical history and procedure. Quinn is repeatedly performing ground-breaking surgeries in less than ideal circumstances.

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He co-starred with Jane Seymour in the television film Praying Mantis.

For instance, an episode that focused on homosexuality, surely not a storyline many would expect from this series, was addressed openly and handled capably.

Sure, many of the episodes ended with characters realizing the errors of their ways, but there weren't always easy answers or solutions and the show made a point to highlight those moments as well.

Among her other feature film credits are Live and Let Die and Battlestar Galactica.

She has starred in the motion pictures for television Angel of Death, Matters of the Heart, The Woman He Loved, and Jack the Ripper, all on the CBS Television Network. Together, they have six children: his son, Kalen, her three children, Jenny, Katie and Sean and their twin sons, Kristopher and John.

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