Sikh girls dating

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Many male youth have been modifying their beards, cutting their hair and/or not wearing turbans.

All practices are against the Sikh code of conduct for various reasons.

Take the Guru’s word, however, and have faith - for “the faithful find the door of liberation.

Only one who has faith comes to know such a state of mind.” [Japji] There ARE girls out there attracted to Sikhs.

I myself have had this self-conflict countless numbers of times throughout my life, and have been on the brink of disbanding my identity.

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This leads to a loss in self-confidence - which takes a great toll on the mind.

This father figure is necessary, as a role model and mentor, to teach his children about life's lessons - which include the lesson that most initial attempts to attract a girl are failures.

A mother's guidance in this regard is also absent , again, for the same reasons.

As the male is typically supposed to be the initiator, his gender unfortunately gets the harder job; they usually have to do most of the work in order to woo the female.

Because of this, most males typically fail with their initial attempts.

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