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The new advice says more thorough checks should be carried out to check baby growth, which can indicate risk of stillbirth, and is the single largest preventable category.

These are the important things, and we have found that all our samples are nutritionally sufficient, even for vulnerable premature babies.' So the NHS isn't concerned about the levels of omega 3 and omega 6 in breast milk.Nevertheless, concerns about breast-milk quality seem bound to rise.They may also take a darker turn, thanks to a new analysis system being developed by scientists in the U. and Australia which examines milk to reveal how a mother's lifestyle habits may be affecting their baby.Last November, scientists at the University of South Carolina reported that babies whose mothers' milk was high in omega 3 have a lower than normal likelihood of developing asthma.Meanwhile, Dutch investigators reported in the journal Hypertension that babies fed with breast milk that is high in omega 3 are less likely to have high blood pressure at the age of 12 than children who have normal or below-average levels of omega 3 in their breast milk.

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