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That's when I heard it: There was a faint moan coming from my sister's bedroom. I thought about turning up the volume for my video game so that I wouldn't listen to my sister, but I didn't.

The smart thing to do was to delete the email and never think about it again. I clicked the link and it took me directly to my sister's webcam stream. She was in her room wearing a tshirt, chatting with a number of other guys.

The show went private and I was blocked from seeing anymore because I wasn't a paying customer. "I'm assuming you watched my web stream last night," she said cautiously. You're the only guy in San Francisco that I can trust." I suddenly felt like a major asshole for even suggesting such a thing. For the next few moments, she looked at the screen and waited, and occasionally typed some stuff. It was painfully uncomfortable to watch my older sister talking to the cam. You were adjusting yourself the entire time, hoping I wouldn't notice." "What did you expect? "You were totally naked doing all sorts of sexual things to yourself." Ellary sighed, "Those things could take care of the rent problems. A lot of my regular customers are promising big bucks if I suck an actual cock." "Doesn't this make you feel weird? "You know, the family thing." "Of course it's weird. I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra because her nipples were poking through. " she asked with the same calming tone that a coach would give. I don't think I could ever be ready for this." "Do you think I'm attractive? "The last thing I want is for us to have drama after this." "How would there be drama? This isn't exactly a normal sibling activity." Ellary gave me a calm look. Of course not." "Think of this as a massage, but instead of your neck or back, I'm massaging your cock. She explained that she was going to be sucking a cock.

With ten seconds left to go, she raised her hands in the air to reveal her perky little breasts with its bright pink nipples. When I sat down, my sister improved her posture as if she was going to give a business presentation. Then it became painfully obvious that she was talking to some horny perverts on the other end of the screen. Frankly, I'd rather suck your cock than the landlord's cock." "Good point." "The key is to relax," she said. She stepped out of the bathroom wearing a loose tshirt and sweat pants. My sister did all her tech stuff with the computer, and before long, she was chatting with people on the cam site. She used her bubbly personality as much as possible. My sister made promises for what would happen in the show. The promises for a great show became more and more grand.

I'm going to my room to update my profile schedule." Ellary got up and went to her room, closing the door. I can't believe I'm doing this, but here's a link to my online profile. Ellary was typing with the guys, thanking them for their support.

I opened Ellary's message: Hey, Things would be better if we were a team, don't you think? The pledges kept coming in and she was reaching her goal of 0.

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