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Since the 2010 Census, the city has entered into two additional 425 Agreements.The first agreement consisted of the temporary transfer of 1,888.2 acres of Lansing Capital Region International Airport to the city from De Witt Township in 2011.16 men bought plots in the nonexistent city, and upon reaching the area later that year found they had been scammed.Many in the group too disappointed to stay ended up settling around what is now metropolitan Lansing.

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There was also concern with Detroit's strong influence over Michigan politics, being the state's largest city as well as the capital city.

The land that was to become Lansing was surveyed as "Township 4 North Range 2 West" in February 1827 in what was then dense forest.

It was the last of the county's townships to be surveyed, and the land was not offered for sale until October 1830.

In the winter of 1835 and early 1836, two brothers from New York plotted the area now known as REO Town just south of downtown Lansing and named it "Biddle City".

This land lay in a floodplain and was underwater during the majority of the year.

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