Teachers and students dating stories boyfriend is addicted to online dating sites

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Those incidents have led to an effort to strengthen the policies.

Education experts say dating between college professors and students is filled with downsides.

ASU's faculty senate last fall rejected a proposal that would have banned romantic relationships between faculty and all students, unless the faculty member received an exception from the provost. They also questioned what impact reporting a relationship with a student to the provost would have on an individual's career, such as efforts to get tenure.

Cassidy Possehl, undergraduate student body president at the Tempe campus, told faculty on Monday that the student government was disappointed the "no-tolerance policy" had been voted down.

Universities deal with faculty-student relationships in one of three ways. Yale University bans teachers from having sexual or romantic relationships with any undergraduate students.“All of a sudden I see out of the corner of my eye [his] arm stretching out as he tried to put his arm around me,” Wells said.“I was thinking to myself, maybe if I just sit here, it will go away.” Unfortunately for Wells, her date failed to take the hint and continued his advances. “He tried to start kissing the side of my face and the whole time I was thinking, ‘I just wanted to watch the movie.’” In an effort to rebuff her date’s attempts, Wells tried to draw his attention back to the movie.It has been the subject of a federal lawsuit over an alleged relationship between an ASU professor and a graduate student.Two recent incidents of faculty-student relationships also have been alleged at Barrett, the Honors College.

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