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The pair were going strong for three years before they called it quits on their relationship at the end of 2015.Olly channeled his heartache into his fifth album 24 hours which he said reflected on his long-term relationship with the model.He was then romantically linked to his former X Factor co-host Caroline Flack, but the pair have always insisted their relationship is purely platonic.Sabine Rollinger of Vladi Private Islands, who are listing the island, told Mercury Press Agency: 'This island was owned by Tiger Woods but after his divorce he doesn't need an island in Sweden any more.I’m like, ‘Okay, I have 2 weeks until Liz dies.'” My less-than-eloquent response to this revelation: “Oh, my God.” Yeah, this is tough. I’m always surprised when anybody young has read it.” Women, in general, make up a huge portion of Matt Logelin’s audience. So, I said, ‘Oh, we’ll probably just break up.’ She instantly started crying and I was like, ‘No, no, I don’t want that, either! I did everything, I mean everything I could to make sure she was happy. I finally got her on the phone and that was interesting. And in the book, the string of 7s [Liz’s lucky number] appearing on the odomoter, my editor’s boyfriend thought I was making it up. It made me laugh, just the way you’ve described Liz as this tough woman. When I revealed to him that my football playing friend, the jerk Ryan , began to openly cry during our discussion of the chapter in which Liz dies, he was equally surprised. But the next day, she asked our mutual friend, Katie about me. I was sure, then, that she wouldn’t want to be with me. How did you handle having a long-distance relationship, first with college and then later on, when you are working in India and she is in L. We had a conversation in her room, when it was pretty clear she was going to Southern California. (no I would pick up dinner, pick up food for her, because the food in the hospital is shitty. That and “everything happens for a reason.” I’m always like, ‘Yes, but here’s the reason – Liz had a blood clot, because she was on bed rest, she had a genetic predisposition to blood clots, she’d had a recent surgery,’ you know? I have the best image of her stomping angrily from wherever she is, like, ‘Seriously, Matt?

Meanwhile, Olly laughed off rumours that he was dating Louisa Johnson earlier this year after they joined forces for duet Unpredictable.

X Factor beauty Louisa also quashed the rumours when she told reporters the Troublemaker hitmaker was more like her 'brother'.

Olly has been unlucky in love in the past as he suffered heartache when he split from his long-term girlfriend Francesca Thomas.

She broke her silence on her seven-month marriage to roofer Jack — 16 years her junior — after the divorce was finalised.

Melanie told Fabulous magazine in 2016: 'The divorce was the easy bit.

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