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Having just turned forty, have resolved to embark on grand project of writing every day in this new black book just got at Office Max. Will future people know sometimes cats fought in night? Still, yes: big tree house.)Our gift not the very worst. I sat sullen and drunk in passenger seat of Park Avenue. Do not really like rich people, as they make us poor people feel dopey and inadequate. Exciting to think how in one year, at rate of one page/day, will have written three hundred and sixty-five pages, and what a picture of life and times then available for kids & grandkids, even greatgrandkids, whoever, all are welcome (! Because by that time some chemical invented to make cats not fight? Kids got in, Eva (middle child) asked what was meaning of “junkorama.” At that moment, bumper fell off. Renn, history teacher, quite helpful, retrieved bumper (note: write letter of commendation to principal), saying he too once had car whose bumper fell off, when poor, in college. In front of house, on sweeping lawn, largest SG arrangement ever seen, all in white, white smocks blowing in breeze, and Lilly says, Can we go closer? Leslie’s mother, dressed in Indonesian sarong: We don’t, as we already have, many times, dear, but you perhaps would like to? Although possibly the least expensive—someone brought a mini DVD-player; someone brought a lock of hair from an actual mummy (! Because Leslie (who appeared disappointed by the lock of mummy hair, and said so, because she already had one (! On star platform, had too much to drink, and suddenly everything I thought of seemed stupid. Kids babbling about what a great party it was, Lilly especially. Pam: What do you want to do for your party, sweetie? Make it yourself next time.""Have your friend drink it.""If you complain so much that the bartender takes it back to shut you up, but then don't expect anything resembling good service for the rest of the night and/or any other time you come back.

Last night dreamed of two demons having sex and found it was only two cats fighting outside window. Interesting to future generations that even sophisticated college grad like me sometimes woke in cold sweat, thinking of demons, believing one possibly under bed? While picking kids up at school, bumper fell off Park Avenue. Eva assured me it was all right bumper had fallen off. Soon they will be grown and how sad, if only memory of you is testy, stressed guy in bad car. )) was, it seemed to me, touched by the simplicity of our paper-doll set. Thomas spouting all these boring llama facts, per Emmett.

The kids can eat later, in the tree house, Leslie’s mom says. That is, mostly crabgrass and no red Oriental bridge w/ ancient hoofprints and no outbuildings and not a single SG, but only Ferber, who we’d kind of forgotten about, and who, as usual, had circled round and round the tree until nearly strangling to death on his gradually shortening leash and was looking up at us with begging eyes in which desperation was combined with a sort of low-boiling anger. But still, it is not right that rich people make us middle people feel dopey and inadequate.

Just then father (Emmett) appears, says time for dinner, hopes we like sailfish flown in fresh from Guatemala, prepared with a rare spice found only in one tiny region of Burma, which had to be bribed out. As for party, Lilly said she would rather not have one.

And when we finally do get our own bridge, trout, tree house, SGs, etc., at least will know we really earned them, unlike, say, the Torrinis, who, I feel, must have family money. Note to self: Talk to her, explain that it does not hurt, they are not sad but actually happy, given what their prior conditions were like: they chose, are glad, etc. Acrobats run all jerky, due to low memory elephants do not hop = no fun.)A pair of fierce porcelain jungle cats are tamed (at least for now! When I was kid, it was one shirt, one shirt I didn’t want, usually homemade. When throwing Tab in wrong bucket, made Ergonomic Error, by throwing from far away, missing, having to get up and rethrow.

Could tell were meant to be sad, due to frowns went down off faces like Fu Manchus and tears were dropping in arcs, flowers springing up where tears hit ground. Because (1) why does young girl of thirteen want such old-lady gift, and (2) where does girl of thirteen get idea that 0 = appropriate amount for b-day gift? He made one Recycling Error: threw Tab can in wrong bucket.

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