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I cleaned off the leak area on the old tank, wire brushed it, and sealed the entire area with gas tank sealer putty.I'll put gas in it tomorrow night and see if the putty worked.Either the seller lied, or Renu did a terrible job. I hope I can get the new tank repaired without ruining the new paint.It was primed and looked clean on the inside, so I think it may be cracks at the bottom on both sides. Next weekend's show is probably out, though.7 - Getting There - While you might not see any difference between the last post picture and this one, there has been some real progress.If so, I'll clean and re-install the old tank, and then work on getting the new tank sealed up.7 - Bleak Leak - There she is, all ready to go except for the spare tire.Everything is polished, touched up, and beautiful to look at.

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The tank was supposed to have been fully sealed and tested by Renu before I bought it.The car was put together without them before, and the rear fenders have a bolt that goes through to the tank.The pads lift the tank too high to line up, so I will have to make do with some rubber insulators cut from an old Dunlop inner tube.Luckily, some people nearby volunteered to push, and she fired right up and got me home with no further incidents.Even better, I located a new starter on e Bay for including shipping, and it should be here by next weekend!

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