Tomlinson dating

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When asked about baby Freddie last year, Danielle praised both Louis and Briana.

She said ET Online: 'I think Louis and Briana have done a great job in raising him, and he's one of the most special little boys, so they've done a great job - he's stunning.

"That's why bands like Arctic Monkeys are so great. If it sounds awkward, it doesn't matter," he argued.

He's got beautiful parents.'I have so much respect for Briana for everything that's she's doing.

I think she's a wonderful mother.'However, she stopped short of saying she'd also like children of her own at such a young age.

"It kind of stood out to me...because it's quite minimal in the production, and it's kind of something, even melodically, that feels different to what I would normally do."Tomlinson said he has written "about 50" songs for his album.

"Ideally it's coming at the end of this year, but I don't want to put myself under too many time constraints and end up in a position where I have to put two fillers on it," he told the BBC.

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