Updating cache headers outlook gmail

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This only impacts live image content if a Gmail user re-opens the email after the first open. (Update: As of 12/12, Gmail has rolled out the changes to custom domains as well.) More Gmail recipients open email on i OS devices (i Phones and i Pads) than through any other email service — including web-based Gmail itself, which greatly mitigates the impact of the changes, and is the reason why they only affect 2% – 5% of most email marketers’ subscribers.

In summary, a limited set of Movable Ink features will not work within a segment of Gmail accounts and, in those cases, will be replaced with default content. Below is a summary of who is affected by the changes: 3.

To switch off HTML email: in Outlook, navigate to and is also displayed in the XP style Start menu.

If you wish to change it you must ask NUIT reception; see the NUIT document Changing Display Name for more details.

How is Movable Ink responding to the affected features?

a.) Geo-targeting: We have made it possible for marketers to show default content to users that have images hosted within the Gmail proxy domain.

This eliminates any concerns about displaying incorrectly geo-targeted content when a user is falsely identified as being in Mountain View, California.

Please contact for assistance" when running Outlook or have other problems when running it for the first time, yet can still log in to Outlook Web Access, then it means you only have an OWA account.

(Note: Local Maps using zip codes appended as query parameters are unaffected.) b.) Gmail is stripping the user-agent headers from the client request, which eliminates the ability to determine the Gmail user’s device and target image content appropriately.

c.) Gmail is removing the cache-control headers from the responses, which forces the user’s images to be stored in their browser’s cache for up to a day. After analyzing our data since the changes were implemented late last week, 2% – 5% of the average enterprise B2C email marketer’s subscriber list is affected by Gmail’s changes, since they only affect recipients that open emails through the desktop client, the Android Gmail app, and the i OS Gmail app. The changes have no impact on Gmail users who access their accounts through Mac Mail, the native Mail app on i OS devices, non-Gmail Android apps, non-Gmail Windows apps, Gmail via Outlook, etc.

You can use it to add a digital signature to an email, or turn on the option "Do not auto archive this item".

With the help of this feature you can also enable such tracking flags as "Request a delivery receipt for this message" and "Request read receipt for this message" to be sure that the email was received.

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