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Forever fresh and never failing to render new pearls of wisdom, this beloved text is one that you will reach for often to obtain deeper understanding of and appreciation for the Scriptures.

Matthew Henry wrote his commentary about three hundred years ago; he began writing in November 1704, and the first volume was first published in 1708.

Also, not sharing the lens with an IR illuminator behind the same a piece of glass or dome means zero chance of IR light bleed that may occur in IR mini domes.

The other problem just about all domes have that an eyeball does not is glare on the dome from reflections, so a potentially cleaner image.

Sometimes it’s called a mini dome, a turret but most in the industry refer to this as an eyeball camera. Has the ease of installation and easier aiming of a bullet, but the round more compact shape of a mini dome without some of the negatives associated with domes.

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Also, it’s more compact looks gives it a more discrete look than a bullet.I have not, generally speaking, sought to update the scholarship on which the text was originally based: in many cases, he draws out points that are timeless. There's detailed information about Pocket Bible for Android on Google . In a few places, I have added an editor's note on Matthew Henry's text such as the following at Ge 12: [Ed. As I have attempted to present Matthew Henry's text in contemporary English, I have realized I have been standing on the shoulders of a giant, and inwardly at least, I have also knelt alongside this giant in adoration of the Lamb. Windows Desktop Requires Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 or later. note: Many Christians today use significantly longer dates.] Matthew Henry was, as is understandable, a person of his time; therefore, on occasion, I have softened his stance toward, for example, the Roman Catholic church. Martin Manser (Editor) Matthew Henry (1662-1714) was a Presbyterian minister in England who began his commentary on the Bible in 1704. He completed his work up to the end of Acts before his death.

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