Updating ps3 to play ps2 games

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As of August 2009, the controller features and design had not been finalized.Soon after revealing the motion controller to developers, Sony indicated that it was exploring the possibility of using the motion controller in combination with a standard Play Station 3 gamepad, such as having the player use "the motion controller as a sword and use Dual Shock 3 as a shield." One combination control scheme was demonstrated in September 2009 at the Tokyo Game Show for Biohazard 5: Alternative Edition, making particular use of the Dual Shock 3's analog stick.in 2008 Sony began work on productizing its own motion controller wand, revisiting the sphere-tracking concept for use with the Play Station Eye, integrating inertial sensors, and refining the device from an engineering and a design perspective.

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The Move uses inertial sensors in the wand to detect motion while the wand's position is tracked using a Play Station Eye or Play Station Camera.

The device was generally well-received by critics, but has not quite met Sony's goals for integration into the market.

The "Play Station Move shooting attachment" is an accessory for the Play Station Move motion controller that adapts the motion controller into a handgun form.

The motion controller is fitted into the gun barrel so that the motion controller's T trigger is interlocked with the trigger on the gun attachment, while leaving all the topmost buttons accessible through a hole in the top, similar to the Wii Zapper.

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