Usps tracking not updating ebay

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Why not give the seller a chance to send you the item and see if it arrives when they said it would?If it doesn't get there on time, you can notify e Bay (though I'm not sure what action they would take if an item arrives a day or two late.) If your item simply never arrives, I think that you can be confident that e Bay will make sure your purchase price postage will be refunded.Even though tracking is not required of shippers, there is a Previous shipping software we've used, such as Stamps, did not send over any kind of number to Ebay/Amazon when we printed a label without tracking, so it doesn't appear that they require it when updating the status of an order.Hi Nathan - I had a chance to chat with our Product Team about this today.Thanks for the request and for your patience while we looked into this change.Hi Nathan - Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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And yes, I've seen a "shipping label printed" confirmation a day or two before tracking info is updated but still gotten a package w/i the seller's specified time frame.

I won an auction from a new seller with zero feedback who in my opinion, put an unrealistically low shipping price in his/her listing. I've been an e Bay seller for about ten years and I made some whoppers of mistakes (especially on postage) in the beginning.

I paid for the item and am now trying to prepare myself in case I receive a package that's marked "postage due." If this occurs, what should I do? I remember selling a new large wall clock on auction (I had bought the wrong color & couldn't return it) and then had really, really underestimated the shipping fees.

I've escalated a ticket with our developers to look into this.

It sounds like we might have a bug that needs to be fixed.

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