We are dating now episode 5

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Out drinking with a few biologists, Jad finds out about something called CRISPR.No, it’s not a robot or the latest dating app, it’s a method for genetic manipulation that is rewriting the way we change DNA.This is a very dangerous comment, said off hand, as it raises the possibility of the moneyed people being able to better their genes by removing possible diseases, at a cost, and that cost being prohibitive to poor parents.

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Tonya suspects her daughter is keeping a secret about her dating life, and thinks it’s going to make the rift in their relationship even bigger.I loved the entire segment, jokes, sound effects, the explanation, the "what if's"...thank you Radio Lab! I have to admit, I had to listen to this about three times before I could compute what was actually happening.We are really a clever species, if only we could CRISPR a peaceful gene so we could all just get along together without destroying each other and the plane. I don't really see the moral quandary in designer DNA.Hidden inside some of the world’s smallest organisms is one of the most powerful tools scientists have ever stumbled across.It's a defense system that has existed in bacteria for millions of years and it may some day let us change the course of human evolution.

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