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Snefru (aka Sneferu) was the first pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty, during the Old Kingdom Period. After his death, the Egyptians remembered him as a good and just ruler.

His reign provided the basic labor structure his successor, Khufu, used to build the Great Pyramid.

The relationship between the pharaohs of the Third and Fourth Dynasties is uncertain.

The last king of the Third Dynasty, Huni, might have been Snefru's father, but there is no substantial evidence to prove this.

Some scholars think that Snefru's first vizier, Prince Nefermaat, was also his son.

Egyptologists found a mastaba (tomb) for one of Snefru's sons near his Meidum pyramid.

His purpose was to finance his building projects and maintain a large workforce.This practice was meant to solidify the king's claim to the throne.Snefru had several children beside his heir, Khufu.Scholars have found tombs with some wall decorations painted on plaster and some carved into the walls.It seems the people were trying to determine which way would allow the images to last longer.

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