What is dating in a mold

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The concept behind this technology is fairly simple and should be considered when searching for the right system for plastic part traceability.A simplistic design and ease of installation equals user friendliness.These mechanisms are commonly referred to as date stamps.Date stamps or inserts are round mold inserts with the capability of indicating different pieces of information depending on what the customer needs.An interface connector attaches to the mold and is wired to the open/close relay of the molding press.In addition, this interface also houses the ports for up to six dater wires.Another complication discovered was that of deep cavity molds.Parts being molded in tools with cavities too deep for a screwdriver to reach and rotate the manual date stamp present a real challenge to the molder.

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The demand for quality parts delivered in a timely manner is more critical than ever now that finished parts may end up at several different locations—potentially all over the globe.

These processes are costly to set up and always require a secondary operation.

If these operations can’t be automated, manual labor costs enter the equation and profitability goes down.

If these facilities could have their dating information changed automatically their problems would be solved.

Often, molders have turned to laser etching or inkjet printing to mark their parts.

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