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We've been fortunate to see that view over many years and it's still just as breathtaking. In 2013 they killed it on the main stage and joked about their Grammy! Johnny: Bands like Heavens Basement are always great to see early in their career, but Sevendust, Halestorm and the mighty Volbeat were fucking amazing. Finally, remember it's a listener appreciation show.I've taken great pleasure in watching artists develop over the years. Halestorm played the show years before their debut release and were so young they referred to me as "Mr. Bob: First off, we had the perfect day -- sunny, 68 degrees, without a cloud in the sky. Price accordingly to get credit with your audience and put yourself in a position for long-term success.The station has always had the philosophy of treating the listener as an equal, serving the community, and making sure they know that we are truly one of them.I'm sure I somehow wedged myself into the role due to a massive complex formed from inattentive parents and lackluster childhood.

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KQRC's founding PD, the late Doug Sorenson, started the station with a commitment to serve the listener, being connected at eye level, and never bullshitting them.It’s been decades since a geeky kid from Olathe rose from obscurity to become a force to be reckoned with in Kansas City radio. Yet after more than 20 years of success and paychecks captaining 98.9 The Rock, Dare and the station’s ratings are plummeting, revealing that the emperor has few clothes. I mean, X105.1 FM came out of nowhere without any advertising or promotion and it’s got a 3.1 share to The Rock’s 3.5 share.“The Rock was in the top five stations for years and for five years in a row it was the No. “The Rock is falling apart there’s no question – and who knows what they’re still paying Johnny…He was a franchise player on that station… My point is Johnny Dare is no longer a franchise player, because you could change the station’s format and still get a 3.5 share – three shares are not hard to get.” The odds of KQRC garnering that kind of revenue now in 14th place among listeners 12 and older: Zippo “This has been a long, steady decline,” says the source.The second was watching Shinedown go from opening the second stage to headlining and shooting the video for Unity in 2012. Have a five-year plan to start with and make sure all efforts are pointed toward that five-year goal.Bob: The first time I looked off the main stage and saw 55,000 screaming fans was a moment I'll never forget. If you try to knock it out of the park year one, you're likely to be disappointed.

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