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I just sat there, this little girl, going, 'I like it here! "They threw loads of money at me." The big hit came straight away. That's when I realised I was famous and it was too much. The record industry eats its young, it always has – until now. But she was still in a pretty bad way when something really terrible happened on Valentine's Day seven years ago: her brother Jason was shot dead by a man who had been hassling his girlfriend. The family was ripped apart." Broke, grieving and ill, Paris was saved when the singer Chaka Khan – godmother to Monet –asked her to take over as the lead in a West End show.I flippin' shit meself.'" The days of big advances like that are over, the new head of EMI, Guy Hands, said last week. Self-sufficient performers using the internet are scaring the daylights out of big labels. Next a guest spot on Radio 2 led to a series on soul. Did she mind being voted off Strictly Come Dancing in the second week? The teenage soul sensation who'd had a massive success with "My One Temptation" in 1989 was seen as past it."You had Bono running up the stairs, Grace Jones running down. Attempts at a return with EMI were frustrated by delays. I couldn't eat, couldn't think, couldn't talk, but I survived." Her daughter Monet, is now 16 and at boarding school. She lives in Chelsea with her mother, who is in a newish relationship she hopes will be the long-lasting one she craves.I don't like all that Second World War stuff, but if I can find a good programme on an ancient civilisation I'm in heaven.Every three months or so I get an itch to leave London and get some fresh air.But what I really love is relaxing in my huge comfortable bed with a good book.I enjoy Russian philosophers or history books – anything to do with archaeology and ancient civilisations. I've always been a short sleeper and an early riser – asleep around 2am and up again at 8am during the week. In November 2008 I started training with a personal trainer and in four months I'd lost two stone without changing what I ate.

A few treatments, some walks in beautiful surroundings and I feel like I've been out of London for a week or more. Now I'm 40 I'm going to stick with what works: training three times a week and eating healthily.I do love my Saturdays – just the time to myself with no big plans.If I do go out, it will be to second-hand bookshops in Camden or Notting Hill.I love their slightly dusty, papery smell and I find it really relaxing being surrounded by books.

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