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Then a surging feeling of well-being suddenly drove me off the course of prudence. Ultimately, Le Duc is throw back to the days before so many chefs decided that they were more important than their customers–their message, their vision, etc.–and that’s one of many reasons that I enjoyed this place so much. The Second Edition of this guidebook cum memoir of Parisian life reviews the city's 109 best restaurants, each of which is portrayed in savvy, fun, lively descriptions that are not only indispensable for finding a superb meal but a pleasure to read., there’s more than a whiff of snobbery in the room, but the only reason you’ll be a dartboard here would be because your indignant behaviour painted a target on your back. Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends.

But the truth is that it doesn’t work this way, and not just at Le Duc, but dozens of other restaurants in not only Paris but New York, London and other cities.Part of our job while attending fashion shows and other events was to cull as many famous names as possible for later use as seasoning for our reviews.I hated intruding on total strangers to beg a quote, and I hated the fact that these mumblings were awarded so much importance, but against the backdrop of today’s high-velocity celebrity-driven marketing, all of this looks rather quaint in retrospect.Hopefully Le Duc will be spared, because it has a bona-fide retro glamour, and the same might also be said of its clientele, a veritable that included Alain Minc, Philippe Labro and the Contessa Brandolini the night I was somewhat improbably cast into their midst by the generous dinner invitation of a friend.Recognizing a few famous faces–a political advisor, a writer, and an Italian aristocrat, respectively, momentarily propelled me back to the days when I’d just arrived in Paris and was working as an editor for the American fashion-publishing company that pioneered the modern-day people press.

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