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Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare: Destroy all the opponents monsters and then gain 200 life points for every one of them.

Elemental Dragon Hero Burstwing Atk: 1700 Def: 1500 Lv 4 FIRE1By discarding a spell card from the hand one opposing monster lose 800 points while Burstwing gains 300 for every 2 levels that monster has, also if the spell was an equip spell then if possible it can be equipped to any Elemental Dragon hero on the field.2As long as this card is on the field it’s the only Elemental Dragon hero that can be attacked.

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Sport und Kirche Rechtzeitig zu Olympia: Hochrangige Spitzenbegegnung zwischen Kirche und Sport in Rheinland-Pfalz.

Ability 1, can't be destroyed in battle while Yubel is in attack mode also once per turn during both the players battle phase, Yubel can force the strongest monster on the opponent's side on the field to attack Yubel the Guardian, and if the monster has higher attack points then neither monster is destroyed and the players take no battle damage.

Yubel - Terror Incarnate: For every monster the player have that have a lower attack points than the damage the opponent took because of the first ability, destroy one monster for the opponent.

Attribute: Fire, Level 8This card gets 500 Atk and Def for every spell and trap card on the field.

This card won't leave the field once the turn is over.

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